Fireworks Builder launches into top 50 in first 3 days!

The latest app published by Haylex Studios, this time in the Entertainment category, is shooting up the charts fast. Check out Fireworks Builder on our web site:




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Wordrix welcomes it’s first members to the million point club!

We’ve got our first batch of Wordrix arena players who have cracked a million points. Ren Noir was the first to break the barrier and close on his heels are slvdrone and gvinebill.

All Time Arena Point Leaders

All Time Arena Point Leaders

Rank User Arena Points Matches
1 Ren Noir 1,314,044 1,647
2 slvdrone 1,266,841 2,249
3 gvinebill 1,008,280 1,585
4 amygirl 857,211 1,568
5 tennisgirl 684,942 1,052
6 superDAD 529,279 1,034

Who will be the next million point member?!?

Keep tabs on all the latest Wordrix leaderboards and stats at:

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Wordrix 2.3 now supports Achievements…

The new version of Wordrix just became available on the marketplace and it now supports achievements!


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New Wordrix Game Mode Available

V2.2 of Wordrix is now released and out in the Marketplace and it adds a new game mode: 4 or more. In this game mode you have to find words that are 4 letters or more in length. This makes vowel managment even more important and forces you to expand your vocabulary even farther.

What’s coming up in V2.3 you ask? Achievements. We’ve identified roughly 50 achievements across the 7 different game modes and we’ll be adding in achievement tracking in 2.3. Do you have any ideas for achievements? Ideas for new Wordrix features? Drop us a line at, we’d love to hear from you!

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All-Time Arena Leaderboards now available for Wordrix

Now you can check out the all-time leaders in the arena on our website. What’s the highest point total anyone has ever gotten in the Arena? Who has the best word EVER? How many Arena wins do you have? All these stats are now available!

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Wordrix Arena Points Explained

When you play in the Wordrix Arena, there are actually four different ways in which you can compete if you choose to (of course none of these is required; you can simply just play and have fun with your friends in the Arena if you want.) First, and probably foremost, is competing to win any given arena match. These start every two and half minutes so you can compete over and over for this one. Next, some folks wish to try and get the biggest words possible in order to be in the top 5 Best Words at the end of the match. The last two deal with accruing Arena Points in order to win the daily tournament and/or the weekly tournament. But where do these Arena Points come from and how are they calculated?

Well, first of all, every point that you accumulate during an arena match is automatically converted to an Arena Point. Next you are awarded bonus Arena Points based on where you ranked in the match, first place getting the maximum bonus, last place getting zero bonus and everyone else
getting something in between.

Next, every player is awarded bonus Arena Points based on how many people they beat in the arena. So for example placing 5th place when there are 25 people in the area will earn you a lot more Arena Points than placing 5th when there are only 10.

Neither of these last two bonus point awards is based on a simple linear formula as there are minimums and maximums put in place to achieve balance in the game. I won’t publish the exact formulas here because I reserve the right to tweak these as time goes on in order to keep the Arena dynamic, fun and challenging. But I will give you some examples that give you an idea of the kinds of bonuses that are possible. Note that these are just the bonus Arena Points that are awarded in addition to the word score you achieved during the arena match.

1st place 5th 10th 20th 30th 40th
5 Players Competing



10 players




15 players




25 players





50 players







So, if you want to earn more Arena Points the solution is simple: invite lots of your friends to play in the Arena and then kick their butts!

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Week #1 Tournament Winners

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! The first week of the Wordrix online Arena is now in the books and here’s the list of the top #25 players for the week.

This Week’s Arena Leaderboards


User Arena Points Matches Played Words Found
1 Ren Noir 284,218 398 17,079
2 gvinebill 187,472 329 9,058
3 VolvoVT880 152,532 288 7,810
4 superDAD 133,508 298 8,253
5 Cnut Juice 118,621 251 6,656
6 Srobg 110,543 398 6,274
7 plaiddayna 108,284 209 7,343
8 eric67 103,016 306 7,092
9 angelbabe22 94,978 158 6,142
10 Alyxx 91,908 226 4,929
11 Matavin 90,700 224 6,024
12 Adam2211 78,869 178 5,006
13 James C 72,392 215 4,949
14 zippyZ 59,080 175 4,139
15 Amber 58,655 206 2,967
16 bch 56,741 233 3,942
17 LT 56,158 162 3,753
18 Claire 54,294 172 3,065
19 Player_271786 53,644 167 4,113
20 Jester 50,848 179 3,887
21 fatima 49,959 128 3,061
22 jSunburst 49,606 102 2,378
23 Simon 49,571 157 3,725
24 Jake F 49,527 170 3,846
25 Player_271751 47,723 149 3,578
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