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Wordrix welcomes it’s first members to the million point club!

We’ve got our first batch of Wordrix arena players who have cracked a million points. Ren Noir was the first to break the barrier and close on his heels are slvdrone and gvinebill.

All Time Arena Point Leaders

All Time Arena Point Leaders

Rank User Arena Points Matches
1 Ren Noir 1,314,044 1,647
2 slvdrone 1,266,841 2,249
3 gvinebill 1,008,280 1,585
4 amygirl 857,211 1,568
5 tennisgirl 684,942 1,052
6 superDAD 529,279 1,034

Who will be the next million point member?!?

Keep tabs on all the latest Wordrix leaderboards and stats at:

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Wordrix 2.3 now supports Achievements…

The new version of Wordrix just became available on the marketplace and it now supports achievements!


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