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Wordrix Arena Points Explained

When you play in the Wordrix Arena, there are actually four different ways in which you can compete if you choose to (of course none of these is required; you can simply just play and have fun with your friends in the Arena if you want.) First, and probably foremost, is competing to win any given arena match. These start every two and half minutes so you can compete over and over for this one. Next, some folks wish to try and get the biggest words possible in order to be in the top 5 Best Words at the end of the match. The last two deal with accruing Arena Points in order to win the daily tournament and/or the weekly tournament. But where do these Arena Points come from and how are they calculated?

Well, first of all, every point that you accumulate during an arena match is automatically converted to an Arena Point. Next you are awarded bonus Arena Points based on where you ranked in the match, first place getting the maximum bonus, last place getting zero bonus and everyone else
getting something in between.

Next, every player is awarded bonus Arena Points based on how many people they beat in the arena. So for example placing 5th place when there are 25 people in the area will earn you a lot more Arena Points than placing 5th when there are only 10.

Neither of these last two bonus point awards is based on a simple linear formula as there are minimums and maximums put in place to achieve balance in the game. I won’t publish the exact formulas here because I reserve the right to tweak these as time goes on in order to keep the Arena dynamic, fun and challenging. But I will give you some examples that give you an idea of the kinds of bonuses that are possible. Note that these are just the bonus Arena Points that are awarded in addition to the word score you achieved during the arena match.

1st place 5th 10th 20th 30th 40th
5 Players Competing



10 players




15 players




25 players





50 players







So, if you want to earn more Arena Points the solution is simple: invite lots of your friends to play in the Arena and then kick their butts!

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