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Scoring in Wordrix

All of the game modes in Wordrix are based around the core concept of scoring points for words, so having a solid understanding of the scoring system is key to being competitive. There are two dimensions to scoring in Wordrix, the score of each letter as seen on its tile as and the bonus multiplier you receive based on word length.

The Letter Scores

Each letter is associated with a point value (QU counting as its own letter). These point values were determined by performing an analysis of the frequency in which each letter is used in everyday language. First megabytes
and megabytes worth of books and articles were scanned and analyzed to come up with a list of the most commonly used words. Then weighted letter counts were tallied based on this common word list and based on that distribution letters were dropped into 1 of 8 buckets. From there a point value was assigned to each bucket.

a,e,i,o,u,l,n,r,s,t 2
d,g 4
b,c,m,m,p 6
f,h,v,w,y 8
k 10
qu 12
j,x 16
z 20

The Multipliers

In an effort to keep people from just finding easy 3 and 4  letters words as fast as they can, I wanted to enhance the scoring system to reward people who found longer words. In order to find longer words you will usually need to manipulate the tiles on the board into the correct order and that takes time. In early play testing that extra time turned out to be very costly and the strategy of just plowing through 3 letter words as fast as possible
almost always won. So to balance this I introduced the word length multipliers in an effort to reward people for finding the longer words and to offset the time it can take to maneuver them into position. After a couple rounds of
testing, the multipliers were established to be:

3 letters 1.0
4 1.25
5 1.5
6 2.0
7 2.5
8 3.0
9 3.5

So the next time you’ve got that J stuck in the middle of the board and  you’re tempted to just to select JAR to get rid of it, keep the following in mind:

  • JAR is worth 20 points, but
  • JARS is worth 28, and
  • JARRED is worth 56, and
  • JARRING is worth 75
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