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Version 1.4 of Free Math Calculator is now available

Math Calculator
For more information please visit the web site.
Or download for your Windows Phone 7 from here.

Easy to use math calculator that supports all the basic functions plus the trig functions and over 1,000 unit conversions.

Features Include:
– Basic arithmetic functions
– 16 Trig functions, radians and degrees
– Log and Exponential functions
– Powers and Roots
– Factorials
– Parenthesis and order of operations
– Memory functions (M+,M-, store, recall and clear)
– PI, PI/2, PI/4 and e constants
– Over 1000 conversions for things like:

  • Angles
  • Area
  • Distance/Length
  • Memory (bytes & bits)
  • Velocity/Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Weight
  • Volume
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Some Useful WP7 Development links

The more time I spend writing WP7 apps, the more great bits and pieces of information I run across that I wish I had found a couple of months ago. So I’m going to start collating them here for future coders.

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Hello world!

Now that we’ve got a couple apps out in the Marketplace, it’s time focus a little on getting a blog up and going. Check back here for new app release announcements, WP7 development discussions, etc…

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